Chutti :)

How amazing are holidays? Doesn’t it feel great to…

lose track of what day of the week it is..

not worry about random things like “what should I make for dinner?”

or think while you are stuck in traffic on your way to work….OMG, I am so gonna be late for that meeting…

and the ten thousand other things that race through our heads during our day to day work/home lives.

That’s exactly how my last holiday made me feel.

There were hills, water, food, lots of wine ;), endless giggles, sleepless nights, music, long drives, games (actually played catch after yearsss), treks, and to top it all lots of smiles :)

The joy of simply getting away :)

So it started when a motley group of 5 friends decided that they are going to head to Kashmir, and before we knew it we are truly in “The Heaven on Earth”.

Since its such a beautiful place, I decided that its best if I will let some pictures do all the talking.

Hope you enjoy them :)

So when and where is your next holiday???

Will wait to hear from you.

** Some of the pictures are taken by one of my friends, Prateek Gupta.



The last time when you…

I rolled up the blinds next to my office desk today after months and realized how I had just stopped noticing and enjoying all the small things that make me happy…

Be it watching the rain…

Smelling the wet ground…

Admiring freshly washed green trees…Yes! I agree I am obsessed with Delhi Rains at the moment :p

Pass a nice smile to the server at your regular coffee shop…

Listen to your fave song, and pretend that you are at a Karaoke event…

Basically, I had just stopped looking around…

So, just take out a moment today from your super duper hectic lives, and take a look around….and you will see that “Life is pretty amazing” :)
A friend had posted this on her Facebook a couple of days ago, and I totally agree to it. I am sure you will too :)

“The Happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything”

Getting FIT for ME!

Please raise your hand if you are one of those who think every night before sleeping that tomorrow is the day when those running shoes will come out…

The tracks pants that still have the label on will finally be worn….blah blah blah.

Well, I WAS one of them.

How is it that we can take out time for everything else but keeping ourselves fit,

even though we all are aware how important it is to be healthy especially with the kind of lifestyles that we lead now!

Its not about working out for hours in the gym, or trying all the diets that are floating all over the net, (trust me I have done both!)

Its about identifying what kind of workout or form of exercise works for you and then pushing yourself just a little bit to get going and doing what you enjoy.

It could be a game of tennis with a friend, or a relaxing yoga class, bhangra aerobics if that works for you (Its one of my personal faves. BTW), or the kickboxing class in your neighborhood, yes the one with the cute trainer (I know that always helps ;p), …or any of the ten thousand options that exist today.

While surfing for some work related images (James bond posters to be precise, sorry had to rub this one in ;)), I came across a website that had various quotes, techniques and sayings that would probably make one out of ten people to bounce off the couch and head out for a walk.

I am posting the ones that worked wonders for me in training both my mind and soul, I am hoping they would do the same for you.

Just remember, it doesn’t matter if its 7am or 7pm, just get-up and get going. GoodLuck :)


My love for markets

Most of us love traveling.

Seeing new places.

Learning a couple of words of a new language (I can usually only remember; hello, hi’s, thank you, and most importantly where is the loo? ;p).

Trying out different cuisines, (yumm!), visiting famous landmarks etc etc

What takes the cake for me, is visiting the local markets and bazaars when in a new place :D

(PS: I told you I am a shopaholic ;))

The colours, the smell, lights, textures, crisp new things to buy….ohhhhh I am already salivating :D

Markets for me are a complete reflection of the culture of any place.

I am always on a lookout for exciting local products, that will remind me of the place where I picked it up from once I’m back home.

Here are two of my personal favorite markets;

Damnoen Saduak Floating market, Bangkok

If street shopping is so much fun, one has to visit the “Floating Markets” to get the feel of a city on the water.

Full of hustle-bustle, chattering of the bargainers, local fresh produce cooked and sold in floating kitchens located in the boats itself.

From picking up beautiful hand crafted products to tasting exotic fruits…..there’s something for everyone there.

I remember picking up hand painted silk jewellery pouches from here, and I know that its going to be a treasure forever :)

***Tourists enjoying a ride through the market and the canals.

The most adorable old lady selling fresh bananas :) How can you not buy some from her ;)

Covent Garden, London

British pubs, restaurants, High end shops, street performers, theaters all in one place can be summed up as “Covent Garden”.

Its one of my favorite places in the world (well whichever parts of the world that I have seen so far ;))

Covent Garden all dressed up during Christmas 2011

*** One of the most colorful corners of Covent Garden. LOVEEEE IT!

*** Bills, Food, chats and much more :)

There is one particular line thats stuck in my head and I would like to dedicate it to my love for shopping…

…its from the TV show “Sex and the City“- I like my money right where I can see it – hanging in my closet!

Images marked with *** are taken from Pinterest

Turn up the radio

So what do you do when you wake up with a foul mood,

or you’ve had a tiff with a friend and kept fidgeting all night,

or stepped on the weighing scale and realized that you are up by a couple of grams ;) even after vigorous workouts,

or are simply not in the mood for anything…

but still have no choice but to get your butt out of the bed and rush to work….

Hmmm….sounds familiar??

you know what I do…??

I turn up the radio :)

I love to sing, but god knows I can barely sing to save my life.

So what better way than rolling up the windows of your car, playing your fave songs on full blast and just singing along :)

This reminds me of a really funny incident that I would like to share with you…

It was a regular day, was on my way to work and got stuck in a jam on the highway. It was frustrating enough that I had a boring meeting to attend in a couple of minutes…

Just then I started flipping the radio channels and guess what, my fave song (for that week) was playing….such a saving grace I tell you.

Without realizing I instantly started singing along and forgot all about the boring meeting…

While swaying to the song I happened to look on my left, and there was this cute guy, singing the exact same song, with if not more, probably the same enthusiasm as me…

He looked in my direction, gave the cutest smile ever and gave me a thumbs up, and we continued singing along.

In my dream world, I would have loved to meet up with the guy for coffee later (a meal wouldn’t hurt too ;))….but the silent interaction was enough to make me smile for the rest of the day :)

***Image taken from Pinterest.

Happy hues :)

As kids we all had our favorite color or colors.

Well I think it starts with “pink for the girls” and “blue for the boys”…and slowly we find our happy hues as I like to call them.

People who know me, totally get my obsession with two of my happy hues; pink and black :D. These can just instantly make me feel happy.

Not to miss the fact that pink makes you look pretty and black makes you look thin, I am sure you get the connection ;)

If we think about it, all different colors have a unique effect on each one of us…but since we are talking about the ones that make us happy…here are some of them that work for me…

So, which are your happy hues Gorgeous??

***All pictures have been taken from Pinterest.

Hello Gorgeous!

Ever looked at a sign board, and realized how much more it actually means to you? Something similar happened to me last winter.

I was holidaying with my girlfriends (and a boy ;)) in Goa, India and came across this quaint little store called “All about Eve” with a tag line that said “gorgeous things for gorgeous girls”.

I instantly fell in love with it.

…isn’t that the cutest name ever for a store? It had a good collection of bags, jewellery, la la everything a girl would love to buy, but that wasn’t what I was thrilled about…

I was suddenly hit by the idea of how I would love to open a store one day, maybe a cafe, ummm perhaps a cafe and a book store combined and that’s all that I could think of that evening. The store ideas kept changing through the night and I am still not sure about what I want, but all I know is I will surely start it one day :)