Hello Gorgeous!

Ever looked at a sign board, and realized how much more it actually means to you? Something similar happened to me last winter.

I was holidaying with my girlfriends (and a boy ;)) in Goa, India and came across this quaint little store called “All about Eve” with a tag line that said “gorgeous things for gorgeous girls”.

I instantly fell in love with it.

…isn’t that the cutest name ever for a store? It had a good collection of bags, jewellery, clothes..la la la everything a girl would love to buy, but that wasn’t what I was thrilled about…

I was suddenly hit by the idea of how I would love to open a store one day, maybe a cafe, ummm perhaps a cafe and a book store combined and that’s all that I could think of that evening. The store ideas kept changing through the night and I am still not sure about what I want, but all I know is I will surely start it one day :)


13 thoughts on “Hello Gorgeous!

  1. I think you should register for a company now and I will tell you my suggestion for the name personally!!!

  2. Such a sweet blog, and what a brilliant idea! I can so imagine you in a cozy cafe that has warm, friendly interiors, all lit with your gorgeous smile. Go for it! :)

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