Turn up the radio

So what do you do when you wake up with a foul mood,

or you’ve had a tiff with a friend and kept fidgeting all night,

or stepped on the weighing scale and realized that you are up by a couple of grams ;) even after vigorous workouts,

or are simply not in the mood for anything…

but still have no choice but to get your butt out of the bed and rush to work….

Hmmm….sounds familiar??

you know what I do…??

I turn up the radio :)

I love to sing, but god knows I can barely sing to save my life.

So what better way than rolling up the windows of your car, playing your fave songs on full blast and just singing along :)

This reminds me of a really funny incident that I would like to share with you…

It was a regular day, was on my way to work and got stuck in a jam on the highway. It was frustrating enough that I had a boring meeting to attend in a couple of minutes…

Just then I started flipping the radio channels and guess what, my fave song (for that week) was playing….such a saving grace I tell you.

Without realizing I instantly started singing along and forgot all about the boring meeting…

While swaying to the song I happened to look on my left, and there was this cute guy, singing the exact same song, with if not more, probably the same enthusiasm as me…

He looked in my direction, gave the cutest smile ever and gave me a thumbs up, and we continued singing along.

In my dream world, I would have loved to meet up with the guy for coffee later (a meal wouldn’t hurt too ;))….but the silent interaction was enough to make me smile for the rest of the day :)

***Image taken from Pinterest.


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