My love for markets

Most of us love traveling.

Seeing new places.

Learning a couple of words of a new language (I can usually only remember; hello, hi’s, thank you, and most importantly where is the loo? ;p).

Trying out different cuisines, (yumm!), visiting famous landmarks etc etc

What takes the cake for me, is visiting the local markets and bazaars when in a new place :D

(PS: I told you I am a shopaholic ;))

The colours, the smell, lights, textures, crisp new things to buy….ohhhhh I am already salivating :D

Markets for me are a complete reflection of the culture of any place.

I am always on a lookout for exciting local products, that will remind me of the place where I picked it up from once I’m back home.

Here are two of my personal favorite markets;

Damnoen Saduak Floating market, Bangkok

If street shopping is so much fun, one has to visit the “Floating Markets” to get the feel of a city on the water.

Full of hustle-bustle, chattering of the bargainers, local fresh produce cooked and sold in floating kitchens located in the boats itself.

From picking up beautiful hand crafted products to tasting exotic fruits…..there’s something for everyone there.

I remember picking up hand painted silk jewellery pouches from here, and I know that its going to be a treasure forever :)

***Tourists enjoying a ride through the market and the canals.

The most adorable old lady selling fresh bananas :) How can you not buy some from her ;)

Covent Garden, London

British pubs, restaurants, High end shops, street performers, theaters all in one place can be summed up as “Covent Garden”.

Its one of my favorite places in the world (well whichever parts of the world that I have seen so far ;))

Covent Garden all dressed up during Christmas 2011

*** One of the most colorful corners of Covent Garden. LOVEEEE IT!

*** Bills, Food, chats and much more :)

There is one particular line thats stuck in my head and I would like to dedicate it to my love for shopping…

…its from the TV show “Sex and the City“- I like my money right where I can see it – hanging in my closet!

Images marked with *** are taken from Pinterest


7 thoughts on “My love for markets

  1. You should call this ‘confessions of a shopaholic’ :)…okay these are great pictures if they are yours, very professional stuff

      • Finally!! My house was feeling neglected;). Well London preps are hectic, I got my pass so now its about accommodation. Sadly the hotel rates at that time are mind numbingly high and frankly I’m considering putting up a tent in Hyde park and living there for the duration. Plus I think I should save up for shopping at Covent Garden :)

      • Ya, I can totally imagine the hotel prices would be sky rocketing at the moment, but I a hoping Mumbai Mirror would be taking care of that, otherwise you might have to let go for your sea facing apartment ;p (Kidding!) I am sure everything will be just fine :)

        Another very good option for putting up a tent is “Hampstead Heath” London :)
        Here is the link; “

        Its a must visit, and the time that you are going would be the perfect weather too :) PS: It has a natural swimming pool especially for dogs :D I think you will like it.

        I am sure Navi has probably given you all the info about UK by now, but do let me know if I can help with anything.

        Goodluck with you planning :)

    • Priyankaaaaa…..You have no idea how much it means to get such encouraging feedback from you :) Really, thank you so very much.
      You know I am not a professional or anything, and that’s what was holding me back for the longest time, but I was like what the heck, lets go for it.

      Hope all is good at your end.
      Can’t wait to see you later this year :)

      Lots of love and hugs

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