Getting FIT for ME!

Please raise your hand if you are one of those who think every night before sleeping that tomorrow is the day when those running shoes will come out…

The tracks pants that still have the label on will finally be worn….blah blah blah.

Well, I WAS one of them.

How is it that we can take out time for everything else but keeping ourselves fit,

even though we all are aware how important it is to be healthy especially with the kind of lifestyles that we lead now!

Its not about working out for hours in the gym, or trying all the diets that are floating all over the net, (trust me I have done both!)

Its about identifying what kind of workout or form of exercise works for you and then pushing yourself just a little bit to get going and doing what you enjoy.

It could be a game of tennis with a friend, or a relaxing yoga class, bhangra aerobics if that works for you (Its one of my personal faves. BTW), or the kickboxing class in your neighborhood, yes the one with the cute trainer (I know that always helps ;p), …or any of the ten thousand options that exist today.

While surfing for some work related images (James bond posters to be precise, sorry had to rub this one in ;)), I came across a website that had various quotes, techniques and sayings that would probably make one out of ten people to bounce off the couch and head out for a walk.

I am posting the ones that worked wonders for me in training both my mind and soul, I am hoping they would do the same for you.

Just remember, it doesn’t matter if its 7am or 7pm, just get-up and get going. GoodLuck :)



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