Chutti :)

How amazing are holidays? Doesn’t it feel great to…

lose track of what day of the week it is..

not worry about random things like “what should I make for dinner?”

or think while you are stuck in traffic on your way to work….OMG, I am so gonna be late for that meeting…

and the ten thousand other things that race through our heads during our day to day work/home lives.

That’s exactly how my last holiday made me feel.

There were hills, water, food, lots of wine ;), endless giggles, sleepless nights, music, long drives, games (actually played catch after yearsss), treks, and to top it all lots of smiles :)

The joy of simply getting away :)

So it started when a motley group of 5 friends decided that they are going to head to Kashmir, and before we knew it we are truly in “The Heaven on Earth”.

Since its such a beautiful place, I decided that its best if I will let some pictures do all the talking.

Hope you enjoy them :)

So when and where is your next holiday???

Will wait to hear from you.

** Some of the pictures are taken by one of my friends, Prateek Gupta.



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