About N

Helllooo Gorgeous….

Welcome to “gorgeous things for gorgeous girls!”

This is just a small start from my side to appreciate small, pretty, beautiful things that we “notice” but get “unnoticed” in our crazily busy day to day lives…pheww! So I finally decided to take out time for these precious little moments and things :)

It could be a quote that has more than one meaning…

Or a stunning dress that I passed by (actually I am sure I wouldn’t have just passed by it, I would have BOUGHT it!) BTW did I mention that I am a shopaholic?? :)

Or it could be a picture that’s worth a million giggles…

Or an incident that totally made my day.

Anything at all…as long as it makes us smile :)

Can hardly wait to share these bits with you…I hope you will too.




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